Creating A Digital Hemp Economy

DigiFarms is a technology platform (website of solutions) with farmers at its core, and with state regulators fully engaged to ensure a quality robust industrial hemp marketplace is developed and cultivated. What DigiFarms delivers to the state, farmers and manufacturers is a comprehensive ecosystem of know-how, seed/clone, farming expertise, harvesting, drying, laboratories, banking, certifications, insurance companies and associations all with a vested interest in seeing a robust and fast growing industry.


  • Traceability from farm to shelf for all products to assure consumer safety
  • Work cooperatively with the Government Agencies and the Department of Agriculture to assist hemp farmers grow and maintain financial sustainability
  • Education for farmers
    • Create state specific hemp growing guidelines and economic model by output (seed, stalk, flower)
  • Connect and attract processors, manufacture to farmers in order to create pre-sold demand for harvested hemp crops


  • Work with universities and product manufactures to create new hemp products and services to increase demand for Kentucky Proud hemp product both in the United States and around the world
  • Work proactively with associations, extension offices, and other bureaus that engage farmers for hemp services
  • Create an opportunity for start-up hemp businesses
  • Evaluate Opportunity zones that could take advantage of growing and harvesting hemp