Hemp Strategy Development

  • Understand laws and licensing
  • Establish a 3 year hemp cultivation program
    • Create hemp supply chain strategy
  • Define crop buying relationships

Farmer Centric Digital Portal

  • Marketplace for farmers, seed/clone providers, manufacturers
  • Knowledge Management — Learning Solutions
  • E-Commerce – Payment Processing Solution
  • Certification, Insurance, Banking Solutions
  • Ancillary Services

HEMP B2B Exchange

  • A marketplace for wholesale and bulk commerce of HEMP products from manufacturers to retailers

Hemp B2C E-commerce

  • A Retail to Consumer website for sales of consumer HEMP and CBD products











DigiFarms starts at the beginning with our Farmer centric solutions to provide access to:

  • State Regulatory and Licensing regulations, changes, and updates
  • Quality, certified seeds and knowledge
  • Processors and Manufacturers for sale of crops
  • Partnerships that provide new channel of marketing, distribution and sales
  • Marketing and business development to increase support to farmers through product and service providers

Strategy Benefits Creates:

  • Innovation
  • Knowledge
  • Efficiency
  • Market Opportunity
  • Accountability
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Trust

Steps to world Class Hemp


DigiFarms has created an Amazon-inspired digital hemp market approach to assist farmer to successfully grow hemp.  The DigiFarm Team collaborates with the farmer to develop a blueprint for a successful hemp program and products to achieve sustainable profits tailored to your farm.

First step

  • Regulatory rules and regulations with licencing

Second step

  • Farmer Education – Fill the Knowledge Gap
  • Risk Management
  • ROI Models
  • How to best buy seed, grow and sell Hemp

Third step

  • Certification for Quality Products, Farms
  • Banking Loans, Insurance, FDA Approvals

Fourth step

  • A global marketplace to buy and sell Hemp seeds to crops.
  • Presold Demand
  • Consumer Transparency